Enigma2 Dreambox Plugins/tutorials and Python Tutorials

Where to get python? - Getting Started

  1. Visit www.python.org and download the latest version of python for windows and linux
  2. For linux users use a good text editor such as Kate and use the command line interface
  3. For windows users download a Python based text editor such as Pythonwin which includes its own command line interface
  4. Download the python scripts and begin using them - (Note:- Enigma2 scripts should be ran from your Dreambox or through an enigma2 emulator)
  5. Click a link to view or right click and save link as. REMEMBER to change .txt extension to .py in order to use once saved

Plugins, Enigma2 Tutorials and Python Scripts

Python tutorials Enigma2 tutorials My own python scripts My own enigma2 plugins
My first hello world program Understanding the Enigma2 interface compared to standard python The Website Parser 0.1
Variables, strings, integers and string operations Hello World in a label The Website Parser 0.5a
Dealing with arrays, lists and dictionaries Store items in a MenuList
Loops - Two main types and their use Draw an image on screen
Introducing the urllib, urllib2 and regular expression modules Working with different window Sizes
Introducing the os library Setting up buttons as actions
Basic Parse of a website
Advanced parsing and stripping HTML tags
Advanced parsing, stipping HTML tags and sorting
Execute a linux process command using Python and Enigma2

Compatibility and Running the Enigma2 Files

-These tutorials are for use on Dreambox Enigma2 models, they are not tested on other linux based satellite receivers.
-Also be aware that python full library support is not offered on the Dreambox and the version of python used on the Dreambox may also be different to your version. Coding should work on all version.

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